Mi-4 - Multipurpose piston helicopter

16/02/2013 14:08

This walkaround introduces the Mi-4 helicopter designed and manufactured in 1950s as a counterpart to US model S-55. The design was personally launched and supervised by the Stalin and other Kremlion leaders. Mi-4 is a typical representative of the piston engine mid size helicopter. the installation of the engine in front nose part led to a specific design with the cockpit separated from the cargo compartment. The cargo cabin can accomodate up to 12 soldiers. This is a reason why the initial designation of the type was VD-12. The Mi-4 became one of the most widespread piston helicopters in 1950s and 1960s. It was exported to many countries under Soviet influence.


Mi-4A helicopter of the former GDR Army Aviation.


Nose part, fuselage and rear clamshell doors.


The cockpit glazing, main rotor and tail rotor detail.


A.12,7 mm machine gun in gondola under belly, JRRO-130 FFAR blocks on the Czechoslovak Mi-4B and UB-16-57UMVP FFAR blocks onthe soviet Mi-4AV. Note the launching rails of 9M14 ATGM rockets. 


Left and the right cockpit instrument panel and the gunner workplace in the gondola under belly.