Mi-8 - Multipurpose helicopter

09/03/2013 10:14

This walkaround introduces Mi-8 multipurpose helicopter. This type was being designed originaly as a modernization project of piston Mi-4 due to it was very difficul to obtain state support for a work on new helicopter in the late 1950s in the USSR. The country leadership preferred rocket missiles, space projects and naval vessels in those times.  Mikhail Mil therefore claimed the single engine V-8 prototype was nothing else than modernization project of Mi-4s. When the V-8 was ready for maiden flight, Mil was already working on twin engine V-8A. He introduced this variant to the leaders of communistic party and told them that for VIP transport twin engine variant is more safe. This is how the Mi-8 was born. It is paradox that this helicopter,  the most succesfull soviet and russian design, was almost denied to be produced in favour of other kind of military branches. The production of Mi-8 ran in Kazan and Ulan Ude till 1999 and there are still hunderds of Mi-8 in operation worldwide.



Front fuselage detials


Front fuselage with entry door and a fuselage of passenger Mi-8S variant (with rectangular windows) and transport variant (round ones)


Rear fuselage with built-in steps in Mi-8S and classic clamshell doors on Mi-8T. Detail of the tail boom on the last picture.


Engine nacelles with air intakes, engine exhaust pipe with main rotor head detail and tail rotor detail. 


Front undercarriage leg, main undercarriage and the tail boom skid.


Front doors of A-12,7 gun on attack variant Mi-8TVK, weapon blocks on Mi-8T (UB-16-57UMVP) and Mi-8TVK variant (UB-32A-24).


LPG-2 hoist with 150 kg liftikg capacity, improved LPG-150 hoist with 272 kg liffting capacity and under belly frame for external slung operations.


Instrument board in Mi-8T used for aerial works, Czech Air Force Mi-8S used for VIP transport and modernized Mi-8T variant.


Seats in Mi-8S variant, interior of Mi-8T and opened clamshell doors with built in ramp for loading of vehicles.