Mi-171 - New generation of the multipurpose helicopter

26/10/2013 10:46

The Mi-171A2 prototype was introduced during MAKS 2013 air show and it represents the fourth generation of the Mi-8 family. It differs from the Mi-171 in many features. Mi-171A2 is equipped with new engines Vk-2500PS-03 with increased power, new fully composite blades of the main rotor and "X" shaped composite tail rotor. Also the avionics was completely reworked with new systems and MFD displays. Sensors in the nose and under the tail boom contain daylight and IR cameras for operation in bad weather conditions. Also the service life intervals were seriously extended.



Nose detail with clearly visible sensors, starboard side of the fuselag with heating system and port side with entry doors.


Fuselage details and the tail boom.


Main rotor composite blade, simplified main rotor head and composite tail rotor.


New sensors and antennas - position and movement sensor, Pitot static tubes and new UHF radio antenna.