Mi-34 - Light multipurpose helicopter

09/07/2012 12:47


This walkaround introduces Mi-34 light multipurpose helicopter. Originally it was developed as a replacement of Mi-2 helicopters used for training. The single piston engine of Mi-34 was supposed to enable less expensive training, while the full aerobatics capability was intended for training much more maneuvers than on common Mi-2s. Althougn the Mi-34 proved to be very effective helicopter with excellent maneuverability, it did not reach the serial production as the USSR collapsed. At the end of 2007 the project was renewed and a new variant powered by a turboshaft engine is under development. It is a direct rival of Robinson R-44 and Eurocopter EC-120 helicopters.



Original shape of the front fuselage on Mi-34S2 prototype (with turboshaft engine), Mi-34S1 prototype and Mi-34 serial front fuselage.



Main rotor head on Mi-34S1 and semi-rigid head on Mi-34S2, tail rotor on Mi-34S2.


Landing skids, piston engine in Mi-34S and turboshaft one in Mi-34S2.



Instrument board, ceiling panel and seats in Mi-34S1.