Ka-26 - Light multipurpose helicopter

26/01/2013 20:13

This walkaround introduces the Ka-26, light multipurpose helicopter designed by an experimendal design bureau led by Nikolay Kamov. Ka-26 is equipped with two coaxial rotors turning oposite directions. Piston radial engines are located in external nacelles enabling perfect access for mechanics. The ka-26 was designed especially for service in national industry and agriculture. Behind the pilot cabin there was a space for passenger transport gondola, flat loading ramp or agricultural crop spraying and dusting equipment. The type was later evolved into Ka-126 with single turboshaft engine and Ka-226 with two turboshaft engines (see separate walkaround).



Detail of cockpit, upper part of the fuselage and gondola for passenger transport.


Tail fins, front undercarriage and main undercarriage leg.


Rotor heads, engine nacelle and intrument board in the cockpit.