Ka-226 - Light multipurpose helicopter

09/07/2012 13:00

This walkaround introduces Ka-226 light multipurpose helicopter designed from the original Ka-26 light piston engined helicopter. Shortly before the collapse of the USSR Ka-26 was reengined with a single turboshaft engine and this variant called Ka-126 was very close to a licence production in Romania. However, when the eastern markets were attacked by western light Bell, Robinson and Eurocopter helicopters, Ka-126 had no chance to succeed. Later on Kamov reengined the chassis again using two turboshaft engines. This wariant called Ka-226 is still in production in two Russian plants and is supposed to became one of the main light helicopters of Russian industry. 



Fuselage details


Main rotor heads, front undercarriage and rear undercarriage


Instrument board, ceiling panel