Ka-62 - Medium transport helicopter

26/10/2013 10:38

This walkaround introduces the Ka-62 civilian medium transport helicopter derivated from the military variant Ka-60. Ka-62 differs in the completely new avionics including large MFD displays, new engines and completely reworked interior. The Ka-62 is intended to be an alternative to Bell 412 family as both helicopters have similar size of the cargo cabin. After the full scale mock-up was revealed in 2011, the first prototype was revealed during MAKS 2013 air show. Kamov design bureau focus on this type as the Ka-60 is being delayed because of crash of the prototype in 2010.



Interior details with new instrument board, ceiling panel and crash resistant seats.


Fuselage details with entrance doors to the pilot compartment.


Engine nacelles, main rotor head and tail fenestron. 


Tail boom, main undercarriage leg and tail undercarriage.