Mi-6 - Heavy transport helicopter

16/02/2013 14:27

This walkaround introduces the Mi-6 helicopter, which was the largest world helicopter in its time. Because the turboshaft helicopters were available, the Mil design bureau decided to built a huge helicopter matching with performance of D-25 engines. The Mi-6 with two such engines has broken several world records not only in the area of performance, but also in the design features. For example its main gearbox was the heavies device of its type worldwide for several decades. The first prototype flew in 1957. Almost one thousand finished helicopters were operated not only in the USSR, but also in the Afghanistan, Egypt, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Poland and other countries.  



Front fuselage part with navigator workplace, fuselage detail and rear clamshell doors. 


The fron undercarriage, main undercarriage leg and tail skid detail.



Engine intakes, main rotor head and tail rotor detail.