Mi-24 - Attack helicopter

30/05/2012 13:50

This walkaround introduces several Mi-24V battle helicopters serving under Czech Air Force or Afghan National Air Force. All pictures are related to the Mi-24V model featuring more poverfull TV3-117V engines and newer (in comparison with previous Mi-24 models) anti tank guided missiles 9M114 Sthurm. Czechoslovakia was one of the largest Mi-24 Hind operators in the Europe, but now all remaining Hinds are expecting soon withdrawal from service for budget costs. 


Fuselage details


Power system details (TV3-117V engines, VR-14 gearbox and AI-9V APU)


Undercarriage details


Weapon guidance systems and gun camera




Drift and slope sensor, flare dispenser and IR jammer


Pilot station (rear cockpit)


Weapon system operator station (front cockpit)