Ka-52- Attack helicopter

05/06/2012 08:24

This walkaround introduces Ka-52 attack helicopter. It was designed from the single seat variant Ka-50, which was considered to be less effective as the single pilot had to fly the helicopter and operate all weapons. In despite of Kamov experts claimed about the analogy with single seat jet fighters, they rather decided to develop more conventional variant with two seats. On both Ka-50 and Ka-52 is absolutely unique the rescue system - crew members sit on ejection seats K-36DM Zvezda. It is also interesting the Ka-50/52 are the most heavily armed helicopters all around the world - they can carry up to six weapon racks under wings and have also 30 mm cannon.


Fuselage details


Engines and rotor system details


Undercarriage system and stabilizer


Weapons - 2A42 30mm cannon, ATGMs, FFAR block and transport container