Welcome to Rotornik!

Thank You for coming here! Rotornik.webnode.cz is a website dedicated to the Russian helicopters and to everything what is connected with them, especially what is connected with me and them. Maybe we should start with the name of the website. "Rotornik" is an unusual Czech word (I wish I had invented it, but did not...), which means "a helicopter" and according to my opinion is much more matching with helicopter itself. In the Czech language we use more common and frequent word "vrtulnik" , but it is derived from the word base "vrtule" (propeller). And here it is - can you find any propeller generating pure propulsion force on a helicopter? I think you cannot... So I have decided to start changing this ugly custom and I am fighting for renaming the helicopter after more than one hundred years we use this word:) Another reason for using this unusual name of the website is it sounds well not only in Czech, but also in English - "rotornick".



But seriously, I believe I will have a time in the future to upload there as many as possible interesting pictures, some of my magazin articles, general information on my books and other interesting stuff I will find. Just give me a bit time please:)




Enjoy this web:)

Jakub "MiD" Fojtík



If you wish to contact me for any reason, you can reach me on hind.FOURever@seznam.cz

(for slow thinkers - insert "4" instead of "FOUR")


If you have for any reason a feeling this "web is under construction", be sure it is not. It is simply tacky.  And one correction: I will probably never have a time to upload here too much of new things. Sorry:) 

Did you know how many names helicopters have? Below some most frequent languages...

Rotornik, elicopter, elicottero, elikoptè, elikoptero, héileacaptar, helicopter, helicòpter, hélicoptère, helicóptero, helikopta, helikopter, ħelikopter, helikoptéra, helikopteri, helikoptero, helikopters, hofrennydd, Hubschrauber, máy bay trực thăng, śmigłowiec, sraigtasparnis, þyrla, vrtulník, vrtuľník, wiropłat, ελικόπτερο, верталёт, вертолет, вертоліт, геликоптер, хеликоптер, ուղղաթիռ, ვერტმფრენი, ヘリコプター, העליקאָפּטער ,מסוק ,هلی کوپتر ,هليكوبتر,,  हेलीकाप्टर , হেলিকোপটার, હેલિકોપ્ટર,  హెలికాప్టర్, ಹೆಲಿಕಾಪ್ಟರು, เฮลิคอปเตอร์,  헬리콥터, 直升機